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Rosacea Skin: All You Need To Know About – [An infographic]

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A Complete Guide to Rosacea Skin

The acne which is often mistaken for normal flareups is actually rosacea, a condition that is completely different from what you think. It is characterized by red bumps on the face and nose. Usually the fourth decade of one’s life i.e., 30-40 is when this condition becomes more visible. There is an abnormal dilation of the blood vessels, the reason for which is still not uncovered. Rosacea is a chronic and inflammatory condition that may show the following symptoms like blush frequently, incessant facial redness dryness itchiness tight skin burning, stinging feeling, thick skin on the nose, chin or forehead, puffy eyes, watery eyes with irritation.

Here is an infographic by which shows all you need to know about rosacea.

How to differentiate Rosacea from Acne

It becomes difficult to distinguish rosacea from acne flareups. This is how you can do this. Rosacea, as we have said earlier, is a middle-aged skin issue. Acne in the middle age is usually seen around the jawline but rosacea symptoms especially acne can be noticed in the middle of the face.

  • Rosacea triggers: A few things can make your skin flareup more.
  • Heat heats it up:  Hot weather, water, and food – all are bad for rosacea. These may make it even worse.
  • Booz is bad: Alcohol can cause flushing, making it more visible to the people who may want to hide it from others.
  • Stress is suicidal: When you stress, you are making rosacea pervasive. Relax. Meditation is a nice way out.
  • Sun is seriously harming: Sunlight can cause inflammation. Counter it with clothing that hides your skin or do not step out much. Long hours in the sun is a complete no-no.
  • Sweat is not good for your skin: This may sound like, what? But yes, if you are working it out hard in the gym or otherwise, your skin condition will transcend from bad to worse.
  • Stay Chemical-safe: Harsher the chemical, harshest the outcome. Go gentle with your choice of cleansers and other skincare products if you are living with this rosacea skin condition.

Certain health conditions too can trigger rosacea. These include menopause, chronic cough, and caffeine withdrawal syndrome.

Psychological effects of Rosacea

There are some psychological effects seen in people living with a rosacea skin condition: the sufferer may feel emotions like anger, embarrassment, frustration and low self-esteem more often. Fair skin people, especially Celtic, Irish and Scandinavian lineage, are at a higher risk of getting this condition.

Also, one starts withdrawing himself from social gatherings and wanders like a lonely creature. Bad for anyone’s psyche. He must be supported emotionally so that he can fight with this condition bravely and live s a fuller happier life.

How to Treat Rosacea

Scientists too have not been able to find out the real cause behind this condition despite the fact that it has been affecting the human race for a long time. But the research is still on. Therefore, it is recommended that people suffering from this chronic vascular condition should take medications on the advice of an expert to ensure that it doesn’t make life worse.

It is imperative for all to detect it before it becomes too annoying. This article intends to make you understand this skin condition better so that you stay safe from it.