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The acne which is often mistaken for normal flareups is actually rosacea, a condition that is completely different from what you think. It is characterized by red bumps on the face and nose. Usually the fourth decade of one's life i.e., 30-40 is when this condition becomes more visible. There is an abnormal dilation of the blood vessels, the reason for which is still not uncovered. Rosacea is a chronic and inflammatory condition that may show the following symptoms like blush...

Rosacea cannot be cured, but you can take steps to control rosacea symptoms. Rosacea symptoms and signs include redness on the face and looks very disturbing. There are so many signs and symptoms of rosacea for each type: Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea: Redness, flushing, visible blood vessels. Papulopustular rosacea: Redness, swelling, and acne-like breakouts. Phymatous rosacea: Skin thickens and has a bumpy texture. Ocular rosacea: Eyes red and irritated, eyelids can be swollen, and the person may have what looks like a sty. The...

What is Rosacea It is that condition of the skin which mostly affects the face, particularly the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. It is easily seen in middle-aged women who have fair skin. Rosacea is basically the result of an allergic reaction, acne, itching or other skin problems. Natural Treatments for Rosacea You can do better rosacea skin care along with items at our home without worrying. Just go through this infographic by Iamav to get homemade solutions for rosacea: Symptoms of Rosacea The typical symptoms...