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Your full guide to post wax care/ after wax skin care

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Proper skin care after waxing is important. Ripping of those hair follicles traumatizes them making it a painful process for the people who undergo it month after month. This grooming process usually starts in teenage and continues till one dies. Unfortunately, a lot of women do not devise a plan to combat the damage done by this life-long beauty regime. Here is the after wax care needed for your skin.


When a hair is pulled out, the pores become wider and invite infectious. Therefore, after waxing, ask the esthetician to rub cotton dipped in herbal astringent on the skin from where the hair has been removed. This will close the pores and calm down any burning sensation felt after waxing.

Set sun aside
Do not venture out in the sun. Also forget about beach. Hot shower or sauna too is not a good idea. This is so because the skin becomes sensitive after you remove the dead skin making it more vulnerable towards the sunlight. This also makes sunburn more common.

Applying ice is wise
After wax skin care should include cold ice compression. Use ice even if your skin doesn’t show any signs of redness or inflammation. This calms down freshly ripped hair follicles and other side-effects too.

Exfoliate the growing foliage of dead skin
Don’t assume that waxing alone is sufficient to remove dead skin and you need not do anything else to remove it. Ingrown hair is a matter of concern with a lot of people. Exfoliate your skin after a few days of waxing. This is how to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing. This also makes the process last longer. Exfoliation is important before waxing as well. For more read our article, “Pre-was skin care“.

Wear breathable garments
Wear fabrics like cotton and linen or choose loose clothing for your skin. It lets your skin breathe and not choke due to deficiency in oxygen.

Include the above in your after wax skin care and have a beautiful skin.