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Did you know, there are different skin types? Your skin type is determined by the amount of oil your skin produces. Your diet, medication, stress, environment, and skincare regime can all affect the skin's oil production. What Are Different Skin Types and their Characteristics: This infographic shows how to recognize your skin type, so you can chalk out the best skincare routine for yourself. So, the most important tip for healthy skin is to separately recognize a skincare routine for your type of skin....

To some extent, we all read faces all the time. It is true that one can read a lot about your health by examining the wrinkles on the face. When we look at someone who is new to us, we assess them and form opinions about them based on their skin. Since the lines do not tend to appear overnight. These telltale signs are often revealing chronic issues such as low liver energy, weakness in the kidneys, and even emotional disturbances....