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Skin Tag Removal – All You Need to Know

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Skin tags

A skin tag is a benign and soft growth that generally forms within the folds of the skin. These tags can usually be found in the armpits, neck, groin area, eyelids, and breasts. These are loose collagen fiber growths that get lodged within the thicker parts of the skin. These lesions are generally harmless; nevertheless, they can be a bit painful if snugged by clothing or jewelry. For the ones who do not want these lesions on their skin, easy relief is available.

Best Home Remedies For Skin Tag Removal

If you are wondering how to remove skin tags, there are some excellent home remedies available for the same. Let us have a look below:

Banana Peel Is Excellent

Is there any use tossing away those banana peels after having bananas? You can always use them to remove your skin tags. Use banana peels for drying out skin tags. You need to put a banana peel on the tag and then cover it using a bandage. Repeat the process every night until the skin tag naturally falls off.

Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tag

Tea tree oil comes loaded with antifungal and antiviral properties. Therefore, you can use it safely to remove skin tags. The very first thing you need to do is wash affected skin thoroughly and then use a cotton swab or Q-tip for massaging tea tree oil gently on the tag. Now put a bandage on the area for a night and repeat the treatment regularly until the skin tag completely dries out.

Applying Apple Cider Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar for removing a skin tag is quite easy. You need to soak a Q-tip in vinegar and place it on the tag. Try covering the affected area with a bandage for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. After this, you can wash the skin affected by tags. Repeat the process for a few weeks, and you will get amazing results for sure. The acidic content of apple cider vinegar helps in breaking down tissues surrounding the tag. This causes the tag to dry out and fall off very quickly.

Apply Garlic

Even this ingredient comes with anti-aging advantages and helps in improving skin appearance by dealing with inflammation. You can put crushed garlic on the tag and cover it with a bandage. Repeating the process regularly shrinks the tag.

Using Over-the-Counter Products

Apart from these home remedies, you even have the option of using different over-the-counter products that can help in safe skin tag removal. These products can easily be availed at drug and grocery stores. Apply the liquid products on the tags as instructed, and they will cause the tag to fall off easily. Different surgical procedures can also be used for removing skin tags. But for this, you will have to consult a dermatologist.

The Bottom Line

A skin tag is generally harmless, but if it starts irritating, you need to get it removed. Using over-the-counter items and home remedies are inexpensive solutions for the problem. But you must consult a doctor if these treatments do not work. In any case, it will take time. So, you must keep your patience. Gradually, you can see the changes in your skin.