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Exfoliator: Luxury or Necessity

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With all the stressful schedules, filth, dirt and harmful UV rays, one’s face starts becoming dull, dry and discolored. Even whiteheads and blackheads start appearing if the problem is not countered effectively. By the time, all this happens, your once-in-a-week exfoliating routine may start to feel like a necessity.

But, the question arises if the exfoliation is to be done professionally or at home? No doubt, professional exfoliation can be much more relaxing and pampering to your skin, while some believes that this is unnecessary and can be more beneficial if done at home. Some even feels if it is the right time to exfoliate. Seriously! There is no right time to take care of your skin. Exfoliating is necessary to remove the dead skin cells from the skin’s surface.

Why we need to exfoliate?

The lower layer of the skin is responsible for creating new skin cells which migrate to the surface of the skin while becoming more acidic in the process. This process takes approximately 30 days, which involves shedding of the dead skin cells. Shedding is an uneven process that leads to dry, dull and uneven rough skin. Therefore, exfoliation is necessary to effectively remove the dead skin cells evenly so that your skin tone remains even.

When do we need to exfoliate?

Well! There is no age, you must exfoliate to have an even skin tone even when you are young. But, as you age, your skin becomes drier and less elastic, which can result in wrinkles. Skin becomes rough and harsh in texture than it is in your younger days and top layer of the skin becomes thicker as you age. All this makes exfoliation a necessary regimen for your skin.

How frequently to exfoliate?

Exfoliating frequently can rip off the skin’s natural oils that help to keep your skin soft. As you age, your skin becomes drier, exfoliating daily can be harmful. But, you exfoliation must be done atleast twice a weak. And, when you are young, exfoliation should be a part of your daily regimen if you are getting more acnes due to oily skin. At this age, you do not experience dryness. Make sure to use best exfoliator for face that contains beads or granules that provide necessary friction with the skin.

What kind of exfoliator ingredients must be used?

For dry skin, Chemical exfoliants containing AHA such as glycolic acid while for oily skin exfoliants containing BHA such as salicylic acid are best. Choose the best exfoliator for face that suits all the skintypes, is reasonably priced and is safe for long term use.

How to exfoliate?

Before applying any sort of exfoliator on your skin—natural or chemical, you must apply moisturizer. Moisturizing helps keep skin soft and supple and prevents post exfoliation dryness. Your skin may feel tight and dry after exfoliation if you overdoes it, moisturizer helps you to prevent its after effects.

In all the aforementioned points, where can you sound the luxury of exfoliating. Exfoliation is a necessity which our skin requires atleast once a week to keep away from all the dirt and grime. Moreover, exfoliation boost blood circulation and lymph flow, reduces fine lines by removing the dead skin cells from the outer layer and brightens the appearance of dull, pigmented skin.