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How To Reduce Puffiness Under The Eyes

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how to reduce puffiness under eyes

Appearance of puffiness under the eyes can age you much before your actual age. Some people experience this only in the morning and as the day progresses, it is not visible. But, unfortunately some people have to be live with it 24*7. Sad, but true. Neglecting this can amplify the problem. Do not do this. Just read below the various techniques to overcome this problem and get rid of it. Hope you find your cure here:

Hydra cure
Water retention is one of the reasons for puffiness under the eyes. Drinking plenty of water can relieve you off the problem besides draining all the toxins out of the body. Water retention can also be caused by excessive salt intake. Eating too much of salt leads to water retention. So limit this.

Milk your way
Refrigerated milk can be a great boon for the swollen eyelids. Just dip cotton pads in it and put them on the eyelids for a minimum of 20 minutes. This should settle puffiness down.

Oil + Water
Dab cotton balls in a mixture of chilled water and a few droplets of Vitamin E and keep these on the eyelids for some 20 minutes.

Cucumber is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties. Take freshly cut slices of refrigerated cucumber and position them on the puffy eyes. Let them remain there for about half an hour. This will help you get rid of the swelling.

Tea Bags
Tea is a rich source of natural tannins, a mild diuretic. So, do not throw away the tea bags after drinking tea. Refrigerate these bags. Whenever a need arises, just sprinkle some water  to moisten the tea bags as they become dry in the refrigerator. Place them on the eyelids for 20-25 minutes. After removing them, wash your eyes with cold water.

Take ice water. Add 4 clean spoons to it. Now place one spoon over each of the eyelids. Keep swapping the spoons as and when the one on the eyes become slightly warmer.

Egg whites
Do you love eating egg whites. Use some for your eyes too. Beat the whites and then smear them all over the place around your eyes that demands care. Wash it off after 20 minutes with cold water. This makes skin taut.

Keep a medium sized potato in the refrigerator for an hour, then take it out and slice it into two halves. Now place one half on each eyelid. Make sure your swollen eyelids too are covered with this for 15-20 minutes.

A good eye cream
An eye cream makes the skin around the eyes tight and also checks fine lines and wrinkles. Pick the one that suffices all the needs of your eyes. Picking up a cream like Revitol eye cream is a good idea as it has all the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties present in it which reduce the puffiness under eyes and give them great relief.

If your problem has been there for a long time, make one of these techniques a regular activity to get rid of the problem.

Your lifestyle too affects your under eye health. So, make the following changes:

  • Sleeping position – Never lie on your stomach. Your head should be slightly above the rest of your body.
  • Remove makeup properly before sleeping.
  • Stay away from alcohol and smoking.
  • Stay sun safe. Apply sun screen lotion whenever moving out.
  • Sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours in a day.
  • Add potassium-rich foods in your diet. This removes excess water from the body.