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Have You Heard of These Dry Skin Remedies? (Infographic)

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dry skin remedies

In winter, we all face dry skin issue. In is due to the deficiency of moisture in the skin that makes skin dry, flaky and parched. Dry, cold winter air drains the life out of your glowing, smooth skin. It affects people of all the ages across all ethnicities. There are many more factors that contribute to dry skin, including aging, eating habits and hereditary predisposition.

Though there are many moisturizers, creams and lotions available to battle dry skin, but these come with a big price tag on them. Luckily, we have many dry skin remedies in our houses that can be used in place of the former chemical based potions. These include honey, milk, glycerin and many more. We can use them specifically to treat the dry skin issue in the winters. These are not only reliable but also very effective and can moisturize your skin really well to make it look like you had in summers.

Sounds familiar? Read the tips by SHE KNOWS for boosting your winter skin care regimen, so that your skin stays moist, glowing and healthy throughout the winter months.

Dry skin Remedies