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05 Best Ways To Cleanse Your Skin at Home – An Infographic

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Are you getting fooled by the chemical products sold in the market? Don’t worry you are not alone. There are natural ways which you can follow on a daily basis to take care of your skin. Also, you can get an eye cream by revitol for yourself, which has natural ingredients to takes care of your under-eye area, because you can’t always go for a DIY if you are in a hurry. Here is an infographic showing the perfect way to cleanse your skin.

Here are 5 natural ways to cleanse your skin:
1.Aloe vera gel: Apply a paste of this gel for 10min-1/2hr and rinse your face.
2. Fuller’s earth: Mix fuller earth with water and keep it until dry and rinse.
3. Essential oils: Mix a blend of carrier oils and essential oils and apply it for as long as you can and rinse.
4.Egg whites: Apply a layer of egg whites on your face until dry and rinse.
5.Cucumber: Grate a cucumber and apply it on your face and leave it for 1/2 hour.
If you follow any of the above steps with revitol eye cream on an alternate day basis or max once a week, it sure will help you improve the overall quality of your skin.