Correct Order Of Makeup Application – An Infographic

correct order of makeup application

Applying makeup in a certain order to ensure that makeup goes on correctly and is applied in a manner where it has time to set and look perfect. Not everyone is rehearsed in the correct order of makeup application. It needs extra attention and it is a must to develop a regimen that can keep up with your needs while … Read More

9 DIY Cellulite Remedies You Can Do At Home- Infographic

cellulite remedies at home

Cellulite is not selective when it comes to body type. The causes of cellulite are numerous and include genetics, poor diet, lack of exercise, dehydration, hormonal changes, thickness of skin and body fat.Home DIY cellulite remedies can help those dimples, lumps and bulges that appear on our thighs, bottom and abdomen. Use these home made remedies to get rid of … Read More

4 Simple Rules To Best Skincare For Teenage Skin- Infographic

best skincare for teenage skin

Teenage years are always ridden and confusing for everyone. It is not just the mind that is undergoing changes but the body too. These changes reflect on the skin as well. This is the time when your skin needs the most attention because if you don’t believe in prevention is better than cure. Clear, glowing skin comes from dedicated health … Read More

How To Layer Your Daily Skin Care Products- Infographic

Layer Your Daily Skin Care Products

It’s not that your effective skin care products routine won’t work if you don’t layer them a certain way. If you apply them in the correct order, you will get the maximum benefits and you’re more likely to see results. The order is important, but timing is more crucial. So it is also important to consider the time it takes … Read More

4 Things That Make Acne Worse- An Infographic

Making Your Acne Worse

It used to be that zits were something teenagers experienced, but now women and men of almost any age are battling acne for a variety of reasons. The problem with acne is that it’s so personal. Some people have long believed that beauty tips for women to live by include diet. But only recently have researchers started to find evidence … Read More