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It's been said that the eyes can say a thousand words. But, those under eye dark circles speak even louder, they say a lot about your health, lifestyle and daily routine. Both women and men of different age groups can have dark circles. There can be a plenty of reasons for appearance of dark circles like lack of sleep, stress, hormonal changes, disturbed unhealthy diet. Dark circles are not so serious, but they make people look tired, exhausted, unhealthy and...

Our notion about stretch marks remain pretty firm. We all hate them. We shy away from showing them and go to all lengths to remove the ugly marks from our body. But it is natural for women, and even men to have stretch marks on their body. When skin gets stretched beyond its elastic limit, these marks appear on the body permanently. Even celebrities, who flaunt their picture perfect bodies have them and that's what Chrissy Teigen, 29 year old model...