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Have you got cellulite? Don't worry, you are not alone. There are many other women like you who have got cellulite. Most of the woman or we can say girls blame their mom to have cellulite. Well, this is a common cellulite myth that most of the girls or woman believes. But this is quite wrong. Cellulite is just an excess fat that you got on your thighs or butts. The reason behind this can be your eating habits or...

In the world of skin care, myths and misconceptions exist in large numbers. It’s easy, to make dry skin worse by using the wrong ingredients. Or, you may pick the best moisturizer for skin to help your skin deal with changes in your environment which don't work for you. It’s easier to stumble on myths than to find reputable information. Here is an infographic on top skincare myths by CoastalCosmetic. They’ve collected some of the worst skin care myths that people just won’t stop...

Finally, the sun is out. Now it is the time to get out your sunscreen. Do you rely upon sunscreen for skin protection? Millions of people do, but they shouldn’t. The rate of melanoma diagnosis is increasing day by day and sunscreens alone cannot reverse this trend. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. If a person has five or more sunburns, his or her risk for melanoma doubles. Most experts believe that using a good sunscreen can play...