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"Blackheads" this word alone is enough to describe that what actually it is. These small black cockroaches are not good for many reasons. But the time has gone when you need to go to the dermatologist for the treatments for blackheads. It can be treated effectively if you know what are blackheads. To know more about the blackheads, just have a look at the infographic given below: Nowadays you can treat blackheads without the recommendation of the dermatologist. However, pores can left if...

There’s nothing wrong with women shaving their facial hair. There's no reason why a woman shouldn't be doing that. That's true! The means to get rid of facial hair are torturous and costly, with the exception of shaving. So, how do you shave your face? Here is a video by POPSUGAR Beauty sharing all that you need to know about shaving your face. Few benefits of shaving your face are brighter, smoother skin, makeup goes on better and you don't feel insecure about your facial hair. If...

You might have seen expensive sugar scrubs in the department stores and spas that cost pretty penny. It's tough to afford expensive scrubs every time. But don't get worried there are natural sugar scrub recipes are available that can be made out of your kitchen. Here is an infographic by U Create about natural sugar scrub recipes that can be prepared out of kitchen. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="493"] natural sugar scrub recipes[/caption] Sugar scrubs are simple beauty remedies that can't be ignored and...