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Diabetes and skin problems can happen to people in good health, but people with diabetes have a much higher risk. The body becomes dehydrated and dried out. Skin sensitivity and irritation can be one of the first signs that a person has diabetes. You can never walk barefoot, not even at home. You could step on something and get a scratch or cut. Always wear shoes for diabetics and Diabetic shoes for men and women are easily available. Excess water is used to remove...

Did you know, there are different skin types? Your skin type is determined by the amount of oil your skin produces. Your diet, medication, stress, environment, and skincare regime can all affect the skin's oil production. What Are Different Skin Types and their Characteristics: This infographic shows how to recognize your skin type, so you can chalk out the best skincare routine for yourself. So, the most important tip for healthy skin is to separately recognize a skincare routine for your type of skin....

When temperatures fall, is the wellbeing of your skin falling too? Assuming this is the case, you're not the only one. Winters take a massive toll on the skin due to various reasons. One is that chilly air is less damp than warm air, so your skin soaks in less moisture. The other one heating system that keeps you warm on chilled nights strips your skin of the essential moisture. The older you get, the more helpless you become to...