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How To Prevent Winter Itchy Skin Before It Appears – Infographic

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When temperatures fall, is the wellbeing of your skin falling too? Assuming this is the case, you’re not the only one. Winters take a massive toll on the skin due to various reasons. One is that chilly air is less damp than warm air, so your skin soaks in less moisture. The other one heating system that keeps you warm on chilled nights strips your skin of the essential moisture. The older you get, the more helpless you become to winter-related skin issues, including broke, red skin and a dull appearance.

How Winter Itchy Skin Starts?

Not just the season abandons us dry and dried out (which can be really painful), but the cold wind, low-stickiness and extreme indoor warmth can make our complexions appear dull (and who doesn’t want to look brilliant year-round?).

Some tips for healthy winter skin care are use of sunscreen, keeping hands covered especially when out, drinking plenty of water and using moisturizers with essential oils besides some more given in the infographic below by OTCsafety.

prevent winter itchy skin