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Get Rid of Razor Bumps With These Tips

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How to get rid of razor bumps

Razor bumps are irritating and ugly to look at and sometimes even painful. Wrong shaving techniques and habit of shaving every day can lead to the development of unattractive, itchy and painful razor bumps and ingrown hair.

Reason for razor bumps: Razor bumps occur generally when hair follicles get infected with bacteria, which results in redness and inflammation of the affected area. But, no need to worry, we have some tips for you that can help you cure and prevent the razor bumps and ingrown hair.

How to get rid of razor bumps – Best Techniques to Follow

Exfoliate: Razor bumps are a cluster of ingrown hair which looks like acne, but they’re not. Try exfoliating to lessen the problem. Use a natural exfoliator adding honey to it. Exfoliation will help rub off the top layer off skin, possibly freeing the hair from the roots.

Use salicylic or glycolic acid: If exfoliation doesn’t work, use salicylic and glycolic acid, that will help remove the dead skin cells quickly. To expose those ingrown hair, you have to remove that layer of skin on top, which is best done by salicylic and glycolic acid. It helps shed away the top layer of the skin more quickly.

Use a needle or tweezers: A clean and a needle sterilized by rubbing it with alcohol must be used. Insert it into the top of the bump (blood or pus may come out) and switch to your tweezers. Carefully wheedle out the hair from it as plucking directly may lead the next hair to be ingrown, too. Be careful while doing this as it can potentially damage your skin and sometimes it may even scar your skin. Worst then bumps.

Don’t scratch: The razor bumps may get infected if you keep scratching it time and again. This is just going to spread more bacteria by mixing in with the stuff on your hands. So, staying away from your face entirely is your best bet.

After you have had razor bumps, you must use the aforementioned steps to get rid of them. But, to save yourself from the chaos, try preventing razor bumps from happening at the first place.

Use fresh Razors: First of all, avoid keeping razors in the shower. The hot and humid atmosphere inside the shower accelerate rusting and bacterial growth. Try not to use one blade more than 5 times to the max. Keep your razor covered and in a dry place.

Fragrance free shaving cream: Swap your shaving cream from a fragrant to fragrance-free basic body cleanser. And, if you are shaving your bikini line, a drop of antimicrobial cleanser must be used to pre-wash it. The skin is so sensitive in that zone. Antibacterial cleanser wipes out any bacteria, which can exacerbate the reaction.

Use products with lidocaine and bacitracin: Many shaving products have lidocaine in them. This ingredient prevents itching and irritation. Bacitracin is the found usually in products like Neosporin and is used to kill bacteria. If your skin is sensitive, products containing these ingredients must be opted because of their skin benefits.

Apply an anti-razor bump cream: Do this twice a day, in the morning and at night. But problem arise about how to choose a right razor bumps cream, as markets are inundated with a dozen products. A quick visit to your local drugstore (Wal-Greens, CVS, Boots, or Waitrose) and a consultation with your derm may help. If you are confused, a hydrocortisone cream or other antibacterial cream can help lessen inflammation and redness, too. Retin-A cream works as well.

Now, those razor bumps are not an issue anymore after knowing number of ideas for treating them. Treating razor bumps is hell of a task, so instead, try preventing them from occurring by following the aforementioned tips.