Psoriasis Can Be Cured With Little Change In Lifestyle- An Infographic

psoriasis can be cured

Psoriasis is a lifelong disease that makes patients feel like it can dominate their lives and limit their options. There are 7 million psoriasis sufferers in the US. If you are one of those and living your life with this psoriasis skin condition, your exercise routine, diet and preventive health checkups are really important. Good news is psoriasis can be cured with little … Read More

Psoriasis: More than just a skin condition


For those of you, who suffer from psoriasis must know all the possible problems related to it. You know psoriasis is a painful, sometimes disfiguring condition that can cause a buildup of dead skin cells and dry, itchy red patches. But, according to doctors, psoriasis is more than just a skin disease. Studies have associated this inflammatory disease with a … Read More