Do’s And Dont’s Of Eye Make-Up: Infographic

Do's And Dont's Of Eye Care Make-Up

Applying eye makeup can be the most challenging part of any makeup routine. To get the best eye make up adjust yourself based on your particular needs. Like in the daytime or an event that calls for you to enhance your day look. Combine all of the above with colors, formula, the best brushes for the best results. You will require … Read More

Correct Order Of Makeup Application – An Infographic

correct order of makeup application

Applying makeup in a certain order to ensure that makeup goes on correctly and is applied in a manner where it has time to set and look perfect. Not everyone is rehearsed in the correct order of makeup application. It needs extra attention and it is a must to develop a regimen that can keep up with your needs while … Read More

How To Layer Your Daily Skin Care Products- Infographic

Layer Your Daily Skin Care Products

It’s not that your effective skin care products routine won’t work if you don’t layer them a certain way. If you apply them in the correct order, you will get the maximum benefits and you’re more likely to see results. The order is important, but timing is more crucial. So it is also important to consider the time it takes … Read More

How To Cover Up A Sunburn Without Irritating Your Skin- Video

How To Cover Up A Sunburn

Summertime is prime time for sunburns or how to cover up a sunburn can be tricky and not irritating your skin can feel almost impossible. There are a few things you can do to get rid of sunburn. Hydrate with the right moisturizer, protect yourself with medicated skin care products and cover it up with makeup that won’t make your … Read More

Simple Makeup Trick To Cover Up Annoying Acne Scars- Infographic

makeup to cover acne scars

On this new year eve its time to celebrate and party. Parties are for looking pretty and gorgeous. But what if at this time you got acne. Is it dangerous? Or you might say no to parties. But no, you won’t. Makeup has always been the first choice for looking gorgeous. But have you ever wonder that right makeup technique … Read More